Our Story

In the bustling heart of a craft beer bar (Atlas Beer Cafe) in Queenstown, New Zealand, an unusual friendship began to brew. There was Sam, an Australian wanderer with tattoos etched into his dreams, and Wes, a Canadian ginger who could down maple syrup as smoothly as he strode into any room.

From their first encounter, Sam was skeptical of Wes’ tucked in shirt, blinding pale skin, and keen approach to the bar service. A few rounds of whiskey, games of poker, and adventures later, these two grew to have a great friendship.

The pair found a kindred spirit in their shared appreciation for alcohol, competition, and creativity. Against all odds, in 2017, they hatched a plan to create an alcoholic ginger beer, cheekily named Ginger Bear. With no prior brewing experience, little starting capital, and juggling full-time jobs, the ambitious duo founded Crimson Badger Brewing Limited.

Around the same time, Sam, who was once a self-proclaimed delinquent with nothing more than a cyclecross bike, managed to charm a beautiful Brit into joining his life journey. And, as if their story needed more spice, a surprise baby arrived, adding another delightful layer to their unfolding saga. With Sam and his family starting the next chapter of their life, they decided to leave New Zealand to raise their beautiful daughter. But the narrative didn’t stop there.

As Crimson Badger expanded, so did the clan. Welcome Jr (otherwise known as Matt) hailing from a stone’s throw west of Manchester. By day, Matt was helping Wes with bottling, deliveries, and making sure the entire of Queenstown was dressed to impress in Ginger Bear merch. By night, he was slinging pints to craft beer lovers. After some time, Matt decided to dive into the 9-5 lifestyle, joining CBB full time.

Enter Harvey and Conor, our dynamic duo of brewers. These two brought more than just their brewing prowess; they brought a shared passion that has since become a cornerstone of our growing company.

Harvey and Conor’s relentless creativity and dedication not only enriched our brewery but also expanded our range to five tantalizing product lines. When they aren’t perfecting the next batch of Ginger Bear or Mulled Wine, you can spot them commandeering the notorious Loose Moose Canning Company truck, fondly known as NED. These two have become an unstoppable force, racking it and packing it, and sending out millions of delicious brews across the land, in tiny vaults that can only be opened by one’s curious fingertip.

"let the people taste, and they will love"

In the spirit of diversity and strategic growth, we needed the Irish charm and quick wit of Peter J. Peter, whose gift of the gab is as legendary as his ability to sniff out business opportunities, took the reins of business development and sales for the South Island.

His approach to business was much like his approach to a pint of stout – with dedication, love, and a readiness to dive right in. Armed with a twinkle in his eye and a jovial spirit, Peter rolled up his sleeves and delved into the task at hand.


Today, the bold flavours and creative spirit of Crimson Badger Brewing continue to unite people far and wide. With the company’s recent foray into contract canning for Central Otago Breweries, it’s clear the momentum is only accelerating. As we continue to develop new products and partnerships, we remain steadfast in our commitment to uniting friends and businesses alike through the power of good people and tasty beverages.

We're only just getting started!

The momentum has just gotten started, the creativity is still flowing, and The Crimson Badger Brewing Company is excited to continue to create further products, beverages, and partnerships that unites friends and businesses alike.

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