Our story

Some may call it destiny that a tattooed Australian with his head in the clouds and holes in his clothes started to work with a maple syrup drinking Canadian with spunk in his step and a ginger haired stubborn attitude in a craft beer bar in Queenstown, New Zealand.

However, that is just not how their story looked to unfold at first.

Sam, the Australian, first laid eyes on Wes, the Canadian, when Wes rocked up to the bar, loved by the likes of local mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts, with his work shirt tucked neatly into his black dress pants, bar blade and towel at the ready, and he sported a haircut that could only truly be appreciated in a dental office. Sam knew immediately; this eager beaver just wasn’t going to cut it!

But Wes’ relentless ability to withstand Sams’ persistent banter eventually grew on Sam. A few whiskeys were had and Wes grew out his ginger locks and went on to beat Sam in many a games of poker, Mario Kart, and a good ol’ wagers. So these two unlikely candidates finally became friends.

It is of course completely understandable that in 2017 these two odd balls, united by alcohol, competition, and creativity, convinced each other that it was a totally intelligent idea to brew a 4% alcoholic ginger beer, called Ginger Bear, with no previous experience, or money, and still working a full-time job. The Crimson Badger Brewing Company was created.


The self confessed delinquent with not even a piece of ID to his name, was able to trick a cheeky pom into becoming his partner. You may not believe this part of the story but they even welcomed a surprise baby on Sam’s birthday that same year.

Why is this important for The Crimson Badger story?

By 2018 Wes had still not bagged his first deer but Sam was ready to become a Dad, get himself a passport, and try fish and chips a in different country. Sam settled with his cheeky pom and new cub in the land of tea and overpaid football players whilst still keeping a partnership with The Crimson Badger Brewing Company.

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